Some kids play sports or video games or do whatever it takes to get by. Sam Gold walks. Twice a day, he walks alone and thinks about his troubles—and his father wants him to knock it off and just be “normal.” A kid Sam’s age should be out riding a bike, not walking the streets like a homeless person. The problem is Sam hasn’t been on a bike in two years, and his father darn well knows the reason why.

It’s the summer before high school. The beautiful girl next door suddenly treats Sam like a first grader, and a new bully in town is making life hell. As the summer heats up, Sam vows to confront his tormentor head on, but must first come to grips with a painful memory from his past and a tragic lesson from the present. It’s the hardest thing he’s ever tried to do. Without help from some unlikely new friends, he won’t stand a chance.