Am I normal?
Will I ever fit in?
Are my parents disappointed in me?

Millions of kids ask themselves questions like this every day.
Kids like Sam Gold.
Until one fateful summer, when Sam learned important lessons about life in ways he
never could have expected.
Rescue dogs.
The wisdom of old retired teachers.
Real world elements that force—and help—a young man to find his true self.
Gooder than Gold: a boy, a bike and a story that parents and kids won’t forget.




“Gooder than Gold” is a rich story of a uniquely classic American experience—coming of age.
Michael Marrone has given us a wonderful tale of a teen struggling for acceptance from within
and outside of his family, as he negotiates the bumpy, and at times, humorous terrain of life.
Lou Rera
Author, SIGN

“Gooder than Gold” is an uplifting, redemptive story. The currency that makes Sam Gold a rich young
man is integrity and forgiveness. From adolescent through our elders, immersing ourselves in Michael Marrone’s beautifully written novel is sure to help each of us recalibrate, to understand that it is our good name that defines us in life and endures beyond the grave.
John Linder
Senior Rabbi
Temple Solel, Phoenix, Arizona